Difference between Carat and Ratti

Carat and Ratti both are the units for measuring weight of the Gems. One Carat equals to 200mg. Carat is an internationally used weight unit. Each Ratti equals to 180 mg.

Ratti is widely used unit in India for measuring weight of astrological gemstones.

‘Kachchi-Ratti’ and ‘Pakki-Ratti’

In Northern Parts of India, like Punjab and Haryana, The Ratti is considered to be equal to 120 mg. Standard Ratti elsewhere in India equals to 180 mg.

Example: 5 Kacchi-Ratti = 3.33 Pakki-Ratti = 3 Carats.

To Avoid the Confusion, it is advisable to understand weight in Carats.

Conversion of Carat into Ratti

1 Carat = 1.11 Ratti

1 Ratti = 0.90 Carat

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